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Piano Course
Table of Contents

*Lesson 1*

"Beginning Lesson"

Notes on the Keyboard  

Skill #1: The 61 Note and 88 Notes Keyboard


Skill #4: Groups of 3 Black Keys - Left  Hand 

Skill #2: Groups of 2 Black Keys in Left Hand

Skill #5: Groups of 3 Black keys - Right Hand

Skill #3: Groups 2 Black Keys in Right Hand



*Lesson 2*
"More Notes on the Piano"

Skill #1: The note E on the  Keyboard


Skill #4: The note G on the Keyboard 

Skill #2: The note D on the Keyboard

Skill #5: The note E on the Keyboard - review

Skill #3: The note C on the Keyboard



*Lesson 3*
"Beginning to Read Notes"

Skill#1 Beginning to Read Notes


Skill #4:  Another Note - what is it? 

Skill #2: Tips to Remembering Notes...

Skill #5:  Determine this note...

Skill #3: Can you determine what note this is?



*Lesson 4*
"Rhythm Work"

Skill#1 Grand Staff and Meter


Skill #4:  Quarter Notes in the Bass Clef 

Skill #2:  -  4/4 Meter

Skill #5:  Note head and Note Stem

Skill #3: Quarter Notes in the Treble Clef



*Lesson 5*
"More Rhythm Work"

Skill#1 All About Rests


Skill #4:  Beats with the Whole note 

Skill #2:  Determine beats with quarter notes

Skill #5:  Beats with Mixed Note Values

Skill #3: Determine beats with half notes



*Lesson 6*
"Playing First Songs"

Skill#1 Songs and Rests


Skill #4:  Ocean Breeze 

Skill #2:  My first Song

Skill #5:  Schoolyard Dance

Skill #3: Hop Skip and a Jump



*Lesson 7*
"Expanded Piano Lessons"

Skill#1 - Leger Lines


Skill #4:  Notes and Rests 

Skill #2:  Leger Line Note - B - Treble Clef

Skill #5:  Super Big Note Review

Skill #3: Leger Line Note - D - Bass Clef


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Lesson 1: the beginning Lesson 5: more rhythm work  
Lesson 2: notes on the piano Lesson 6: playing first songs
Quiz 1 - take first quiz Theory Exam: of lessons 1 - 6
Lesson 3: beginning to read notes Lesson 7: expanded piano lessons
Quiz 2 - the next quiz Piano Lessons Support
Lesson 4: rhythm work 



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